How To Learn Music: My Take On It

Over the years of teaching, I’ve come across that a lot of people struggle with learning the basics, more so the older the person. This always seemed to baffle me, until one day it hit me. We all think too much! Let me explain. As we grow up, we are always told to do more. […]

Dragon Ball Z The Fall of Men

About four hours ago, a group by the name of Black Smoke Films¬†released their fan made version of Dragon Ball Z. ¬†Their plot is about the story line of Future Trunks and Cell. In my opinion, they did an amazing job! The visuals are great, the audio is great! Now, I know that there will […]

Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope (Episode 2)

     Well everyone. It’s that time again… I’ve begun writing for Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope.      I’m really excited to see and hear how everything is going to turn out!      Here is my first mock up of the soundtrack, it might be used in one of the following episodes, […]