Dragon Ball Z The Fall of Men

About four hours ago, a group by the name of Black Smoke Films released their fan made version of Dragon Ball Z.  Their plot is about the story line of Future Trunks and Cell.

In my opinion, they did an amazing job!

The visuals are great, the audio is great!

Now, I know that there will be some hard core fans of the series who will be upset about some of the smallest things, and I’d just like to express my point of view in the matter.

First off, this is a fan made interpretation of the story line of Trunks and Cell.  Getting into this whole time travel, parallel universes and what not, can lend itself to a lot of creative freedom.  The writers of this project Yohan Faure and Vianney Griffon stated that this film was not a representation of the story itself that we all know and love, but more of an alternate universe.  Similar to what others made like Dragon Ball AF and Dragon Ball Absalon.

So if you haven’t done so already, go check out their debut pilot episode! Can’t wait to see how their next video will be.


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