How To Learn Music: My Take On It

Over the years of teaching, I’ve come across that a lot of people struggle with learning the basics, more so the older the person. This always seemed to baffle me, until one day it hit me. We all think too much!

Let me explain. As we grow up, we are always told to do more. First, we are taught letters, then words, sentences, paragraphs, essays, etc. In math, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, algebra, geometry, and so on.

And so, when I teach the basics, most my students are left with a sense of “Ok, what else is there?” mentality. Typically they tend to overthink it, and don’t quite grasp it.

When it comes to learning the basics of music, we have to remember that it is simply that. The basics. And yes, it is that easy. But don’t you worry about it, it will get more challenging!

I hope this mini article can come of some value to those of you who are and or interested in diving into the world of music.

~Abraham Castañeda

Masterfully Using Sounds Inspiring Creativity


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